Our Mission

The Blue River Water District (BRWD) owns and operates a community-run water district currently managed by an elected board of volunteers and supplied by a single well. Since its construction in 1967, the infrastructure of the BRWD had grown to serve a population of 233 persons with approximately 105 active connections. Following the Holiday Farm Fire in September 2020, much of that infrastructure – which had not received any major upgrades for over 50 years – was damaged or destroyed. We have worked tirelessly to restore connections and so far, about one-third of those connections have been restored and we are focused on the future of Blue River and providing a better service as the community rebuilds.

Superintendent Al Artero

A rough man of the woods, embodied in this fine song!

Rates & Policies

Blue River Water District Payments and Fees Policies

Our billing cycle runs from the 26th of the month to the 25th of the next.  This is the billing cycle that we will be switching your accounts to.  We mail bills on the 25th of the month and they are due between the 5thand 7th making sure that the due date does not land on a weekend or holiday.

Should a customer decide to move, sell, rent or be away for a long period of time, that customer or his/her representative must contact the water board bookkeeper.


Resolution No. 1: Hook Up/Connection Fee

Be it resolved and effective this date (September 1, 2021), that a one-time hook-up fee of $1000 plus a $250 superintendent over site fee shall be charged to each new home built in the Blue River Water District and must be paid within 30 days of request for connection to the Blue River water system.

Resolution No. 2: New Service and Requirements

Be it resolved and effective this date (September 1, 2021), that a $25 administration fee will be charged to establish a new account. All new homeowners/residents must complete and return a resident information form within 30 days of the request for a new account.

Resolution No. 3: Disconnect and Reconnect Fees

Be it resolved and effective this date (September 1, 2021), that a $25 fee will be charged for any disconnection from the water service, and a $25 fee will be charged for any reconnection to the water service.

Resolution No. 4: Late Payment Policy

Be it resolved and effective this date (September 1, 2021), that water service will be disconnected from any customer whose account is in arrears by 60 days or more.

Notice will be sent by US mail to any customer whose account is 60 days or more past due that water service will be disconnected unless the account is paid in full by the date shown on such notice. The Board may grant an extension of time for hardship. It is the resident’s responsibility to contact the Board to explain the hardship issue and to request a time extension.

If water service is disconnected, a disconnect fee of $25 and a reconnect fee of $25 will be added to the account before water service is restored.

ORS 264.314 Shutting off water if delinquent in payment of water bill. In case prompt payment of water rent or charge is not made, a district may shut off the water supply to the building, place or premises to which the district supplied the water.

Resolution No. 5: Temporary Service Disconnect

Be it resolved and effective this date (September 1,2021), that water service will be discontinued to a home upon the resident’s/homeowner’s written request when that home will be vacated for a period of one or more calendar months. During the period water service is discontinued, no charge will be made for water service. The disconnect and reconnect fees explained in Resolution No. 3 will apply.

Resolution No. 6: Homeowner Responsibility for Tenant Water Bills

Be it resolved and effective this date (September 1, 2021), that homeowners will bear the ultimate responsibility for payment of water bills and related charges incurred by tenants of leased or rented properties. If requested by the homeowner, the Board will bill tenants directly. However, if water bills and related charges are not paid by the tenant in accordance with the terms and conditions in Resolution No. 4, the owner of the property involved will be billed directly for unpaid water bills and related charges and appropriate action will be taken in accordance with Resolution No. 4.

Resolution 7: Non-Compliance of Water Emergency Instructions

Be it resolved and effective this date (September 1, 2021), that when the Water Board has declared a water emergency and no outside watering is permitted, there will be a fine of $100 a day to any homeowner/resident who does not comply.

Resolution 8: Homeowner Responsibility for Payment of Final Water Fee

Be it resolved and effective this date (September 1, 2021), that, when a home within the District is sold, the Owner of Record is responsible for the outstanding prorated amount at the time of closing.

Resolution 9: Tampering with the Blue River Water District’s equipment

Be it resolved that tampering with Blue River Water District’s lines, meters or any part of the Water District system will result in a minimum of $350 fine for first occurrence. Water service will be disconnected until fee is paid.

Resolution 10: Pricing and Fees for Residential Hookups

  • $25.00 monthly base fee and $3.50 per thousand gallons.
  • Gallons used will be reported on the monthly bill.