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Notice Water Board Service Update

Posted on August 15, 2021

Blue River Water District

August 2021

Dear Blue River Water District Customer,

It has been almost a year since the Holiday Farm Fire destroyed our community. The Water District had significant loss and a lot of effort has gone into rebuilding our distribution system for the short-term and long- term success of our district. We are happy to announce that during this time of rebuilding, the pumps and motors have been replaced and/or rebuilt, the tanks have been inspected, and leak detection has been completed throughout the district. Currently we are working to replace any non-working water meters and will begin meter reading in the months to come. We are also in the beginning stages of rebuilding our pump houses to further secure our water supply.

During the last several months we have been able to focus on updating policies and procedures and getting them in writing. Attached with this month’s bill is a list of Board approved Addendums that will take affect on September 1st, 2021. If you have any questions or comments, please attend the BRWD board meeting on the 1st of September. (BRWD board meeting are the first Wednesday of every month).

In order to better communicate and meet the needs of our customers we are revamping our website. It should be up and running in a limited manner by the first of September. The site will have up to date contact information along with rate information, policies, news, boil notices as well as board meeting notes.

Lastly, as many have heard we have been able to secure funding from the state to revamp the water district. We expect within the next 2 years to start a major rebuild of the water district infrastructure which will allow for better and more reliable water delivery to all our customers.  We are excited for the future of our district and look forward to serving this community.


The Blue River Water District Board